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It all started in 2014, after quite a few late nights infused with great mezcal. Brothers Juanse and Cama, who have been obsessed with salchichas since childhood, started playing with the idea of creating a new kind of sausage brand that is over the top and speaks to their Mexican heritage. It had to be super delicious, have a good snap, and embody the flavors they grew up with. Since obviously there were no such sausages available to buy, they self-taught because - how else, right?

After a looooong period of (enjoyable) trial and error with a family friend and hospitality genius, Marco Shalma, they perfected a distinct recipe - soon to become their signature perro - THE MEXICAN STREET DOG, a 100% beef, mild spiced, flavorful sausage topped with creamy, tangy, satisfying grilled corn, with fresh herbs, in a warm, buttery, specialty bun. YUM!


In 2014, the brothers opened their first stand in Puerto Vallarta and were off to the races. Perros Locos quickly became the talk of the town and a foodie destination. In 2021 the USA part of the story began, with Perros Locos frequenting the top food festival on the east coast, in preparation for their first brick & mortar in the fall of 2023.

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