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It all started in 2014, after quite a few late nights infused with great mezcal. Brothers Juanse and Cama, who have been obsessed with salchichas since childhood, started playing with the idea of creating a new kind of sausage brand that speaks to their Mexican heritage. It had to be super delicious, have a good snap, and embody the flavors they grew up with. Since obviously there were no such sausages available to buy, they self-taught because - how else, right?
After a looooong period of (enjoyable) trial and error with a family friend, Chef Memo Wulff, they perfected three very distinct recipes - soon to become their signature perros. The Panchofurter is Mexi-German, The SmokyPorky is American-Canadian, and the Mexabrosa is the Tex-Mex. In 2014, Juanse, a talented chef with a clear vision and aesthetics, and Cama, a hospitality specialist, opened their first stand in Puerto Vallarta and were off to the races. Perros Locos quickly became the talk of the town and a foodie destination. After perfecting these recipes, the brothers added seasonal options and delicious fresh beverages. In 2021, Juanse joined Cama, who had been living in the US with his family for a few years, bringing this amazingly unique concept to NYC, the East Coast, and beyond... and here we are.

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